Meet Momoy: The Cat Behind Momoy Pet Supplies

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Meet Momoy: The Cat Behind Momoy Pet Supplies
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You may wonder... who is Momoy?

Hello! Welcome to our first blog post! 😊

Allow us to use this space to share to the world the story of our handsome and loving cat, Momoy  🧡💛

momoy cat staring

Meeting Momoy

Around 2021,  we were contemplating if we were ready to have a pet. My partner is a dog lover, while I love cats more. 

November 19, 2021 - during my sister's birthday, we visited my parents' house and saw that they have  cute kittens! There were 6 female  and 1 male kittens.  They were too tiny, around 2 months old. We wanted to take the male kitten home, but he was my dad's favorite.  Of course, I had to let it go, as I didn't want to take my dad's small joy. 😅

November 21, 2021 - during a rainy evening around 9:00pm, my partner's mom was panicking, "Heartyyy!! Pagdali! Tanawa! Naay iring! Luoy kaayo!!!", as she saw a kitten outside our house, drenched and limping.  We immediately went out and when we opened our front door, the kitten slowly hopped in and curled into a ball.

Look at him sooooo tiny and cute 😍

momoy cat curling

We allowed him to take a rest in the living area and we went inside our room to sleep. 

When I went out to go to the toilet, I had to pause as I saw him doing his "private business " 💩 in a corner of our door towards the bathroom. 

I was so amazed how he found his own sacred place. 

Celebrating Momoy's Firsts

First thing in the morning, we went out to buy cat food and cat litter.  

Here he is enjoying his first meal - Whiskas Junior. 😊

Getting ready for his first visit to the vet - Dr. E Veterinary Clinic

His firth bath using St. Gertie Shampoo!  😁

The very first time moment that we allowed him to sleep with us. Best decision ever!

Well, who can resist? Look at him being sooooo extra and adorable 😍

First time to join a photo contest in Facebook and he won! 🥳

Our first Christmas together! 🧡

After getting neutered! He looks so sad 🙁 

Sorry Moy, you had to go through the pain but it's all for the best so you'll be healthier! 🧡 

Momoy Sharing His Love to His Furry Friends

Momoy is a Puspin, short for Pusang Pinoy (Filipino Cat). He was once a stray cat who chose us - his lucky owners. 

Momoy definitely sparked the need for us, his furparents, to build MOMOY PET SUPPLIES.

We started as an online shop operating at home but after 6 months of operations, by the grace of God, through the help of loyal customers, business partners, family and friends, MOMOY PET SUPPLIES was able to expand by building our physical store and supporting the community even better.

Thank you for being a valuable part of our story 🧡💛

- Momoy, Mae and Hearty

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