Iligan City Animal Welfare Volunteers

12 Million

 Stray cats and dogs in the Philippines alone are in the street without shelter

Source: PNA.GOV

Over 7,000

Cases of animal cruelty were reported between 2010 to 2017; while 3,000 cases in 2020 alone


More than 40

 Unclaimed dogs got euthanized at the city pound monthly in Iligan City


Be part of the solution!

  • ADOPT: Own a rescued stray dog and/or cat
  • KAPON: Be a responsible pet owner and have your pet spayed/neutered
  • DONATE: Share your time and resources to support the volunteers

Dogs Camp Iligan 

  • ​Address:  Iligan City, Philippines, 9200
  • Phone:  +639261714482

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Iligan Stray Feeders

  • ​Address:  Iligan City, Philippines, 9200
  • Phone:   +639361782547

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  • ​Address:  Cagayan de Oro City, Philippines, 9200
  • Phone:  +639177721077

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